A Plus Mortgage Rates offers flexible out of the box lending options for experience and non-experienced real estate investors.

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Benefits of the DSCR Loan Program

  1. Borrowers approved for a loan based on the cash flows solely from the subject property.
  2. No tax returns needed to qualify you for this program.
  3. No borrower employment or income required.
  4. 4506-C is not required
  5. Reduced documentation for professional investors who own 5 properties.

Property Eligibility Types

  1. Purchase of unleased 1-4 units
  2. Purchase or refinances currently leased 1-4 units
  3. Refinance vacant single unit property
  4. Refinance 2-4 unit with a vacancy

What does DSCR mean?

DSCR stands for debt service coverage ratio. The debt service coverage ratio is calculated by taking gross rents divided by the PITIA or ITIA for Interest Only of the subject property.


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