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Can You Afford That Million Dollar Condominium? This text is for anyone pondering on simplifying their lives by purchasing a reverse mortgage for downsizing. Particularly for senior residents, downsizing is a venture that must be fastidiously thought out. It’s normal, especially for Child Boomers and people older, to consider a smaller dwelling. There’s less upkeep, […]

How To Use A Reverse Mortgage To Fight Inflation

Important facts When inflation concerns grow, many retirees worry about their purchasing power.  Home Owner Retirees may consider a reverse mortgage for inflation protection, most financial experts agree. When Opening a reverse mortgage line of credit early and allowing it to grow may offer a buffer for future retirement expenses. Many older Americans worry about […]

A new type of reverse mortgage can help retirees generate larger incomes

Reverse mortgages can be a powerful financial tool in retirement — especially as more Americans age in place. But the product’s design today isn’t meeting many borrowers’ needs. By design, reverse mortgages are meant to make retirement easier — and keep people in their homes. Nelson Haynes, who worked at Deering Savings & Loan in […]