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Closing Costs, Preapproval and Best Rates, What Do They Mean? Here’s a Helpful Guide

You don’t likely know much about buying a house unless you have bought or worked in real estate. According to a recent GOBankingRates survey, this is the norm for most Americans. Only 26% of the 1,000 respondents across the country felt that they were familiar with the homebuying process and finding the right mortgage lenders. Preapproval, […]

8 Different Forms of Loans Available

You can get loans to help you reach major life goals like buying a house or going to college. There are loans available for many different actions and you can also use them to repay existing debt. It is important to understand the best type of loan for you before borrowing money. These are the top-rated types of […]

Mortgage Interest Rates Forecast 2022. How High Will Rates Go?

Although the low mortgage rates for the last year have provided some financial relief to homeowners in hot housing markets, that trend is unlikely to continue into 2022. The mortgage rates have risen steadily from 2.67% in January 2021, to 3.12% mid-December. According to data from Freddie Mac, they have remained within the historic low 3% range all […]

How To Apply For A Mortgage

After you have found a home that suits your needs, budget, and preferences (and the seller accepts it), it’s time to learn how to apply for a mortgage loan. It’s now time to apply for your loan. Select a lender to complete the application. You may be able apply online, over the phone, or in person depending […]

FHA Loans For First Time Home Buyers

FHA Loans for First Time Home Buyers Find Out if You Qualify What is an FHA Loan? An FHA loan is a loan backed by the Federal Housing Administration which is an agency under jurisdiction of the Department of Housing and Urban Development. This government backed loan allows you to buy a home with less […]

People are Selling Houses So Fast In California U-Haul is Running Out of Trucks

Rumors about a Bay Area exodus are still alive and well. New data from U-Haul , a moving equipment company, shows that California has seen far more trucks leave than it entered in 2020. The state was last on the company’s list of 2020 migration growth. It fell behind Illinois which occupied the final spot for 2019. From March […]

Government Pushes For Reverse Mortgages

The Morrison Government today will relaunch an existing scheme to encourage older Australians to borrow from their home equity to fund retirement. Ning Zhang and Colin Zhang explain the process. Many Australians have not heard of the Retirement Loans Scheme. Many more assume that it is only for pensioners. In the Thursday mid-year budget update, the government plans to rename […]

The Evolving No Doc Mortgage

Mortgages are not for everyone. No-Doc mortgage loans are for borrowers who have nontraditional income sources. Other lenders denied them because they did not have enough paperwork. Find out more about the history and evolution of no-doc mortgages. is committed to helping the historically marginalized make homeownership possible. Our Community Development loan programs provide a level playing […] domain purchased by

Can You Afford That Million Dollar Condominium? This text is for anyone pondering on simplifying their lives by purchasing a reverse mortgage for downsizing. Particularly for senior residents, downsizing is a venture that must be fastidiously thought out. It’s normal, especially for Child Boomers and people older, to consider a smaller dwelling. There’s less upkeep, […]